Pre-clinical and clinical trials

EUROFINS Dermscan Pharmascan supports companies in the development and implementation of studies and trials for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Appropriate responses

With over 30 years’ expertise in the health and beauty field, high-performance human and material resources and a wide range of volunteers, we can meet your most challenging requirements and carry out the most complex and innovative tests.

A global network of accredited laboratories

EUROFINS DERMSCAN PHARMASCAN is specialized in the evaluation of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in France and abroad.

On a panel of healthy volunteers or patients, several sites around the world enable us to evaluate with vivo studies, the safety, efficacy, sensory or overall assessment of your products before or after they are put on the market. Pre-clinical studies also assess their safety in vitro.

In vitro
In vivo

Panels of healthy subjects & patients

The EUROFINS panels involve several subjects in France and worldwide (infants, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly).

The EUROFINS Group offers a complete
range of food, pharmaceutical, environmental
and medical biology services.

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