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Global Network of Clinical Trial Centers

One of the world’s leading providers of testing, inspection and certificate services

With a network of approximately 1,000 laboratories in more than 50 countries, Eurofins is one of the world’s leading providers of testing, inspection and certification services to a wide range of industries, including the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, agri-scientific and consumer products industries.

Through research and development programs and acquisitions, the Group integrates the latest innovations in all areas of its core business, enabling it to ensure that its customers have safe and compliant product inspections.

Presence on 5 continents

Present all over the world, Eurofins offers an international reach thanks to all its partners.

Eurofins Dermscan Pharmascan carries out your clinical studies in its own laboratories, in France, Poland, Spain, Tunisia, Thailand and Mauritius, but can also solicits many partners, and thus offers a multitude of clinical studies and a large base of healthy subjects and multi-ethnic patients.

Numerous test centers on five continents Multitude of clinical trials Variety of multi-ethnic volunteers

Key figures

A database of 23,000 volunteers
6 innovations / year
More than 250 test protocols
More than 100 measuring devices
More than 4,000 studies/year

Recognized pre-clinical and clinical trial centers

Specialized in the evaluation of the safety, tolerability, efficacy and sensory appreciation of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products since 1990, DERMSCAN and PHARMASCAN joined the EUROFINS group in 2018.

Our teams of experts, our high-tech equipment and our large volunteer base allow us to respond to all your projects, from the most standard to the most complex and innovative. The quality of our services is validated by our numerous scientific publications and the success of customer audits.


Doctor in Biological and Medical Engineering and Graduate of the Institute of Business Administration.

For more than 30 years, I have been at the helm of Dermscan Pharmascan with the same enthusiasm and passion.
Innovating, developing, opening new markets are my areas of work and I strive to follow them while preserving a pleasant atmosphere where everyone can flourish and evolve.
At Eurofins Dermscan Pharmascan, internal promotion is preferred, but I am convinced that it is also important to give a chance to those who are looking for a first job.
I am very vigilant about parity, and I encourage the women who work with me on a daily basis to take on new responsibilities and to invest themselves in the world of work without hesitation.
My ambition is to offer you the best service by establishing the relationships of trust essential to the optimal development of your products.
This requires regular technological and regulatory monitoring as well as a permanent adaptation of our teams and this is precisely what makes our business so interesting.
It is in this spirit and to bring you the best satisfaction that we have been ISO 9001 certified since 2002. We make it a point of honour to apply the principles of quality management, which are a real source of continuous improvement. Also, I am committed to continue to do everything necessary to bring you the best service, in France and abroad.

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