Eurofins Dermscan-Pharmascan’s expertise acknowledged by the Naos Group


Eurofins Dermscan Pharmascan has conducted a clinical study for the Naos Group on the interest of a dermocosmetic in the improvement of the quality of life in diabetic or dialysis patients, both suffering from skin dryness and pruritus. 

Thanks to our highly qualified medical teams located in Poland (Eurofins Dermscan Poland) and Mauritius (Insight Research), we have ensured the successful management of the study on these dedicated patients.

Read the results of this study in the article below:

Polena H, Chavagnac-Bonneville M, Sayag M. Improvement of Quality of Life in Dialysis and Diabetic Patients by Skin Dryness and Pruritus Management with an Ecobiological Dermo-Cosmetic Product. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2022;15:2143-2152

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